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Dan Zink

Owner / Sales





43801 Pinot Noir 

Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Date of Birth:

July 10, 1958

A Bit About Me

Everybody has a story, mine is pretty simple; enjoy life & love God.


I retired from the automotive industry in 2018 and decided to open an online coffee shop. My first love has always been music.  I love playing my trumpet, worshipping God and entering into His presence. Second is coffee. Spent time in the local coffee roaster shops, taking in the atmosphere and meeting new people. I opened my online coffee shop to offer that same fresh roast flavor of gourmet coffee at home. Coffee beans are shipped from around the world to the manufacturing facility in Georgia. 

A personal note about me. I met my wife, Cindy in 1987. We have two children, Heather our daughter and our son Aaron. Our family has been blessed throughout the years. In 1997 I got hepatitis from food poisoning that shut down my kidneys. I spent 4 years on dialysis before receiving a kidney from my loving mom.  God gave us peace during this time of healing.  Today I am doing very well.


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